BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A group of protesters gathered in Baltimore’s Roland Park neighborhood on Tuesday to protest the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died while in police custody in Minneapolis.

Many held signs while others took a knee in solidarity, including a Baltimore City Police officer. People driving by also showed their support by honking their horns.


Protests have been held in Baltimore City and across the State of Maryland over the past four days to protest the death of Floyd.

Although six people were arrested in Baltimore Monday night, Maryland elected officials have praised residents for keeping protests peaceful.

Gov. Larry Hogan tweeted that Baltimore set an example for our nation.

“Thousands of young people and community leaders expressed their frustrations peacefully, while working with police to stand up to a handful of extremists with a violent agenda. This is how real, positive change happens,” Hogan tweeted.

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  1. Trump gassed a legal peaceful assembly says:

    As compared to previous incidents (all too many of them) where police killed unarmed Black men I am struck by what a large percentage of the protesters are White people, even in predominantly Black areas. All lives matter and most White people are not Trump suckin racists and are sick of the double standard. You think I am lying when was the last protest for the police killing an unarmed White man?

    Real positive change can happen when people vote this fall too!

  2. Pat B says:

    t’RUMP’s AmeriKKKa where the Bill of Rights is just toilet paper and the Bible is just a prop you wave for a photo op

  3. Democrats Have Run Maryland and Baltimore for over 50 years says:

    The last Republican Mayor of Baltimore was in 1967. The last white mayor was Martin O’Malley. The city counsel is black, the police chief is black and has been for many years. The state legislature (both chambers) has been democrat controlled for decades upon decades. Only the governorship has flipped republican a few times and the current Governor is a nevertrumper. Now Baltimore elects former Mayor Dixon. Freddie Gray happened before Trump. Anyone blaming Trump is doing a disservice to Baltimore. Wake up. The media and hollywood are making you sheep.

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