BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Baltimore City Council passed a bill Monday that would change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The bill heads to Mayor Bernard C. “Jack” Young for a signature, which councilmembers hope will happen before the holiday next week.

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Members of the “Indigenous Strong” advocacy group rallied outside City Hall Monday to show their support for the legislation.


The council sped up the legislative process in an effort to get the bill passed in order to take effect for this year’s holiday. A similar bill to rename Columbus Day was unsuccessful four years ago.

Baltimore joins a growing list of communities making the change, including Howard County, which announced its plans last month to rename the holiday.

Earlier this year, protesters ripped down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Little Italy and threw it into the Inner Harbor.

CBS Baltimore Staff

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  1. Joe G says:

    Say their names…..”christopher columbus statue… styrofoam container…. plastic carryout bag…war statues…..” I see the the elected officials are busy working on the most important issues in the City again to help reduce crime and murders…keep electing the same people over and over again, it’s working out well.

  2. Frank says:

    The baltimore city council had to write a law to change the name? Wow, what a waste of tax payers money, but hey, baltimore leaders are GREAT at wasting peoples money, or stealing it, which are pretty much the same.

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