Welcome to CBS Baltimore, the new home for WJZ.COM, WJZ-TV, WJZ-FM 105.7 THE FAN and ESPN 1300.

WJZ-TV is joining forces with CBS Radio to give you the best Baltimore — and beyond — has to offer.

Here you will find all your old favorites (video, stories, blogs, photo galleries, radio shows, weather forecasts, and traffic reports) as well as some great new things (Best of Baltimore lists, stadium guides and daily deals). Explore the new look of CBS Baltimore as we take you on a tour of our tabs.

Here are some helpful links to help you find what you need.

News – All the news you’ve come to expect from WJZ and more (Local, Consumer, Politics, Business, Health, Entertainment, National, World and Photo Galleries.)

Blogs – This is also found under the news banner and includes weather and sports blogs.

Sports – Follow your favorite Maryland teams and sports shows, plus get guides exploring what each Baltimore stadium has to offer.

Best of Baltimore – This has tips and lists to help you find the best places to get sushi, shop for a wedding dress, see a concert and so much more.

Watch + Listen – Listen to your favorite radio shows live:WJZ-FM 105.7 THE FAN and ESPN 1300. Miss a story on WJZ-TV? Check out the video here!

Local Offers – Sign up to get daily deals delivered to your inbox!

Traffic – Avoid construction and congestion and check out the roads and traffic maps before your commute to work.

Weather – This is the place to go if you want to know if you should bundle up or dress down. You can see current weather conditions, area radars, the 5-day forecast, and weather videos so you won’t get caught without a coat on a cold day!

Don’t forget that we will have a list of some of our more popular links on the top left side of our homepage under Quick Links. Here is a preview of what you might see.

Links and Numbers


Contests & Promotions

School Closings

Text Alerts

You will also notice the logos of both WJZ-TV, WJZ-FM 105.7 THE FAN and ESPN 1300 at the top of the homepage. You can click on them to find station information, program schedules and bios for the news teams.

We want to know what you think of the new website? If you have something to share, helpful advice to make it better, or a favorite part to the new site let us know about it!

Comments (18)
  1. anon says:

    Don’t think I like it. I miss the radar/temperature snapshot in the header.

  2. JCP says:

    Still very slow loading!!

  3. odentono says:

    Give it a chance, folks. No one likes change. I’m sure some people worked very hard on this and I like it.

  4. BaltimoreFan says:

    Not a fan

  5. Frank says:

    This site blows. They did this with 1010wins in new york… and it has been nothing but complaints. Nothing but cookie cutter sites horribly designed,

  6. Judith says:

    This is absolutely horrible. And it isn’t because I don’t like change so forget that line. The old site was warmer, more welcoming, revolved solely around WJZ, and most of all focused on BALTIMORE. This is just a generic site that has national stories every inch you look and could easily be substituted for any city if you stick it’s name at the top- which I am pretty sure was CBS’s goal with this. Horrible. Especially laughable now that “WJZ.com” is not even the site’s address anymore because during every WJZ newscast they do segments with someone in the WJZ.com “control room” with huge WJZ.com block letters affixed to the wall. Not to mention “wjz.com” is a part of their logo. Somewhere along the line someone thought that combining WJZ with generic CBS and a few radio stations would be more profitable somehow. Can’t wait to watch the Morning Edition to see Marty try and direct viewers to WJZ.com by suggesting they visit “http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/” What a joke!

    1. Crystal says:

      I agree, I used to get on WJZ every morning while at work to start my day. Now it won’t even load correctly. I really dislike this and I know someone probably worked hard on this website but I dont like it at all. Guess I’ll have to resort to going to wbaltv.com. Sorry guys…

  7. Judith says:

    By the way, where is WJZ’s contact information? I guess they hid it deep within the various webs of links and directories so we cannot contact them to complain.

  8. invitedmedia says:

    “cookie cutter”

    frank, that bytch is old as the hills.

    do you: shop at home depot/lowes, coffee @ starbux, eat @ chipotle, red lobster, subway, fill yer pick up @ amoco/bp, etc?

    america is full of “cookie cutter” businesses, welcome to it.

  9. steve says:

    btw- miami.cbslocal.com just launched.

  10. deadite82 says:

    I felt like the old site needed a change but I really don’t like this. Way too many filler content.

  11. bmore001 says:

    This new website sucks! It’s not a matter of change, I agree to generic and cookie cutter comments. I always read WJZ over WBAL, but back to BAL I go. This is a harsh presentation. I also miss having the radar and weather right ont he front and the video you wanted to see. This one will take too much of my time to figure out. I was able to check WJZ several times a day, know exactly wehre to look for what I wanted to know. And also, the contacts to complain are not on here. Outta here, WBAL here I come…..

    1. steve says:

      nice choice, bmore.

      i guess antiquated cookie cutter (wbal) is better in your mind.

  12. whatnow says:

    This is too busy, it hurts my eyes. Plus I only have a few minutes to check it here and there at work, who has time to try to find something. It was right there on the old site.

  13. whatnow says:

    So I just scanned some articles. Couldn’t read the one I wanted to because it is only video and we can’t watch video at work. Also, I couldn’t see all the comments on the articles. That was the best part. Bummer, my day is going to be a lot more boring.

  14. Peter says:

    this site is awful. Can’t find pet/animals. Takes too long to load. Feels too complex. Old site felt comfortable BECAUSE it was simple. Life is complex enough. Quit reinventing the wheel and calling it new. Change for the sake of change is the sure way to loose customers. Better fix it, or better yet make the CEO use his own darn web site. It won’t last an hour after that.

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